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Cake Classes

Class balances are due 7 days prior to class, all payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Private Classes / Professional Investment Courses

Chef Tawanda Hammond is available to teach individuals or groups for 1 day to 4 days. Classes are generally 3 1/2 hours, however, the class may extend to 5 hours (depending on the students). The chef is available to travel almost anywhere. Specific costs regarding accommodations, travel, meals and classes need to be individually accessed.

• Private Instructions: $125 Minimum 3.5 hours / 5 hours 
• Group Instructions: $110.00 • Minimum 5 students / Maximum 10 people 

Hands on course – Basic supplies are provided

Basic I - Leveling Cakes

Filling layers.
Icing cake / bag method / free hand method. 
Buttercream recipe. 
Decorating essentials / proper filling of decorators bags, bag position, & pressure control. 
Writing tips, rosebud, half rose, sweet pea and rose making with buttercream. 
Standard borders- straight shell, reverse shell, braided shell, rope, zigzag, beaded

Basic II - Two-toned Flower Making (buttercream)

Royal frosting (2 day class) drying time is needed 
*Baby Bassinet top – optional during this class
Old fashion string work 
Basket weave
Rosette coverage, ombre’ coverage, striping, cornelli lacework, sotas lacework, scrolls, fleur-de-lis, and leaves. 

Advanced I Class

Crown border with string work, ruffles, swag/drape with buttercream and fondant, ribbons with buttercream and fondant, pansies, daisies, apple blossom, flutes, brush embroidery, watercolor painting, & brush stroke painting.

Advanced II Class

Fondant covering, fondant pressing, fondant painting, and draping. Some fondant flowers will be made during this class. Students must bring in a non-frosted, evenly baked, 2 layer- 8” round to class. (it is recommended to bake and refrigerate prior to class, for the best results). 

* Advanced I, class must be taken prior to taking this class.

Wedding Cake Preparation Class

Each student must bring a 2-layer 6”, 2 layer- 8”, and 2 layer- 10” round cakes. 

*Advanced I, & II must be taken prior to this course.